Richmond Rod & Gun Club
3155 Goodrick Avenue, Richmond, California 94801
510-965-9267 (Rifle Range)
(Wed, Fri, Sat, & Sun | 9A-11A Regular Members Only | 11A-4P Open to Daily Members)
510-620-9507 (Skeet Field)
(Wed, Sat & Sun | 10A-3P)
510-231-5838 (Club House)
(Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun | Currently closed due to County Mandate)
510-621-3120 (Membership Services)
(Mon-Fri | 10A-4P)
Updated 7 January 2021:

The Richmond Rod & Gun Club is an essential business and open under Contra Costa County COVID-19 regulations.

If you plan on shooting Skeet or Trap, you must purchase our ammunition as the range is steel shot only with bio-degradable wads. We do sell components for you to load your own steel shot with bio-degradable wads.

The Rifle and pistol range has ammunition available in common rifle and pistol calibers. You must be able to pass the Ammunition Background Check to purchase ammunition at the Rifle/Pistol ranges and at the Skeet/Trap range.

Note: Due to ammo shortage, all ammo is limited to on-range consumption only. Limit is 2 boxes per customer.

25 yard & 100 yard Ranges Available for Public Use. Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns are permitted.
RRGC Members Fee: $5 per Hour. Current membership card required.
Non-Members (Public) Fee: $20 for two (2) Hours. Drivers License required for time tracking.
Additional hour is $10 when space available.
Note: Members will have range priority from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. We will try to be flexible and
accommodate as many non-members as we can from 9 am to 11 am when not enough members are present.


Eye protection (safety glasses or sunglasses) & Ear protection (Shooting muffs or plugs) are REQUIRED.
Eye and ear protection items are available for purchase.
(Note: We Do Not Rent Firearms -- You Must Bring Your Own)


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Back Issues of the Bulletin Are Available Here


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes




Rifle & Pistol Range


200 yard Range for Members Only


Trap & Skeet Range

Wednesday, Saturday, & Sunday: 10 AM to 3:00PM

No lead is allowed: Steel shot only.

Ammunition is available for purchase.

We are unable to sell ammunition until we get the permit. Please contact Jerry at 29 Outdoor Gear in American Canyon to see if they have skeet/trap ammo. Thanks!


Action Range

Regular Practice every Saturday 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM (except during major matches)
Action Range is closed during weekdays except for range officers.

Matches are held nearly every Sunday.
For more information on Action Shooting activities go to:


Smallbore Junior Rifle Training Program


You must contact Dave Minoggio for a reservation
Second Saturday of the month. New shooter must arrive at 0830 hrs for safety class. Returning shooters at 0900 hrs.
For children 10-18 years old to learn to shoot safely. We supply the ammunition and the rifles.
A parent or guardian must stay with the child.



Cowboy Action Shooting Club

       Hunter Education Home Study Classes

Class location: Richmond Rod and Gun Clubhouse – Contra Costa County


To register go to the California Hunter Education Registration site:   

You will be able to see info on the requirements to obtain your Hunter Education Certificate. Registration begins on the first day of each month for that month’s class.  We can accommodate a maximum of 45 students per class so register early in the month to secure your place in the class.

For Additional Information:

Contact:   Gary Buffon HEI #3521 – or 510-374-6477

Kevin Zimmerman HEI #3546 -  or 510-845-7034


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